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  1. g,it also supports homebrew obligations,multimedias functions.This is a senes Ds gamers must have
  2. Slechts € 18,99! Koop Originele R4i Gold 3DS Plus kaart(het beroemde merk van R4i Gold).Ondersteunt firmware-versie van de 3DS V11.9.0-42, DSi 1.4.5. Compatibel met de Nintendo 3DS/3DS LL/3DS XL, New3DS, DSi/DSi LL/DSi XL, 2DS, DS lite. 100% getest, gratis verzending, onmiddellijke levering en 30 dagen geld terug
  3. R4i GOLD 3DS PLUS card for Nintendo New 3DS /3DS (LL,XL) ver 11.13.-45U/E/A/J and v11.12.-44 U/E/A/J /2DS/DSi/DS Lite to play NDS games not 3ds games R4I GOLD 3DS PLUS is same as R4I GOLD 3DS RTS card, You can think they are the same card, they have the same functions
  4. r4 r4i sdhc gold white pro 2020 Nintendo ds kaartjes spellen garantie 2ds 3ds new xl dsi dstt dstti alle kaarten direct leverbaar snel voordeli
  5. Het installeren van de SKY 3DS Flashkaart is super simpel en voor je het weet kun je jouw mp3's, ebooks, videos, foto's, roms, spellen, downloads allemaal afspelen op je Nintendo 3DS! De Nintendo 3DS is de beste handheld van het moment en met de SKY 3DS flash kaart zul jij geen dag meer zonder je 3DS console kunnen
  6. R4i Gold 3DS Setup. Full Instructions On How To Setup The Firmware Kernel And Start Using Your R4 3DS Card once you receive it, with information on the proper files and folders you need on your R4 3DS. R4i Gold Pro Setup
  7. Koop Originele R4i-Gold 3DS kaart(het beroemde merk van R4i Gold) en 16GB Sandisk C10 A1 U1 micro-SDHC-kaart.Ondersteunt firmware-versie van de DSi 1.4.5, 3DS 7.1.0-15. Compatibel met de Nintendo 3DS/3DS LL/3DS XL, DSi/DSi LL/DSi XL, DS lite. 100% getest, gratis verzending, onmiddellijke levering en 30 dagen geld terug

1. R4i Gold 3DS RTS card 2. Nintendo 3DS/3DS XL/2DS/DSI/DS Console 3. MicroSD card (2-32 GB) 4. MicroSD card adaptor (will come with the r4i gold 3ds package) 5. PC The r4i gold 3ds rts card is the best 3ds flashcart to date, I've had one for about a year now, cant recommend it enough. Just wanted to give you more confirmation R4i gold. Belangrijke update November 2012: Een van de beste kaarten die op dit moment te verkrijgen is, is de R4i Gold 3DS. Deze kaart werkt op de DS / DS-Lite / DSi / Dsi-XL / 3DS en 3DS-XL!. De kaart biedt officiële ondersteuning voor de R4 Wood software R4i Gold Cards Comparison. This page will do a comparison between R4i Gold Plus and R4i Gold 3DS RTS. Hardware Chip. Save IC will be detected since 3DS system Ver 4.5.0-10, which gets flashcart easier to be blocked once Nintendo detects it R4i gold V2.0 Firmware,Download R4i gold V2.0 Kernel from www.r4ids.com. R4i Gold Edition from www.r4ids.com now sold in the market are V2.0 version and the old version of cassette R4i gold has been stopped selling. R4i gold V2.0 Firmware below have been tested and work for Nintendo DSi XL,DSi LL, DSi, DSL and DS

This video will show you how to mod your 3DS console with an R4i Gold Pro 2018 flashcart. This is part one of two ntrboot videos. Just follow the video caref.. Edit: on the forum search for R4I Gold 3ds Kernel Download (with the quotation marks), in the post from albertomorais05 the answer from draxoon has the kernels from what used to be (can't use links) and now is (can't use links). Link #2 worked for my R4I Gold 3DS, which I bought a few years ago. Link #3 might be the kernel you are looking fo R4i RTS (De enige officiële R4i kaart, populair en betrouwbaar. Zie onze R4i RTS pagina voor meer informatie.) R4i SDHC Red (Een R4i kaart die ook SDHC microSD kaarten ondersteund). R4i Golden Card (Een andere R4i kaart in een gouden verpakking). Spellen voor de R4i DSi kun je downloaden op Nds homebrew (amateurgames, zoals Pacman en poker) R4ids news for R4i DS Software Download:R4i Gold 3DS kernel,R4 English Kernel,Moonshell 1.6 For R4,Imgview0.6 for R4,R4 DIY Skin,R4DS IO Interface,R4DS ROM Trim Tool..

Firmware Download. At new version https://www.r4wood.com, we provide latest r4 kernel/firmware under product page Download tab, shown as below. Navigate to your r4 product page, download driven software there Find the best information and most relevant links on all topics related toThis domain may be for sale

I wonder if anyone has ever had a flashcart like r4i gold 3ds rts be used as the cfw so holding either button opens the stuff whenever the system is off, but the thing is the flashcart stopped working after i removed the cfw so its power off the device instead now. #25 Feb 6, 2018. marioluigipeach10 Member. Newcomer. Level 1 Our Company has been in business for 12 years, is a professional supplier of Nintendo Flash Cards, founded in 2000 and located in Shenzhen, China and Hongkong. We supply R4i / R4 Cards, 3DS cards, M3i Zero, Acekard cards, Super DSTWO cards and so on. We sell not just the cards, but also the service. We hope you can easily buy the cards you need R4i SDHC 3DS is compatible with several game consoles including Nintendo 3DS, DSi, DS Lite, DSi XL and NDS. R4i Gold & R4i 3DS Card. R4i Gold is compatible with DSi v1.4.2 or v.1.4.2.consoles as well as DSi XL game console. The 3DS card is compatible with Nintendo DSi XL, 3DS, DS Lite and NDS. Its official website is found at r4ids.cn v 1 x R4i Gold 3DS RTS card . v 1 x USB Micro SD(TF) reader/writer . What can you do : v Wi-Fi. v Play Nintendo DSi XL / DSi / DS Lite / DS. v Play music. v Read e-Book and view pictures. v Watch movies . purchase suggestions : v Perfect card for Nintendo 3DS . v Need to buy Micro SD(TF) card separately R4 3DS card software. This R4 3DS card from r4idsn use same kernel as r4i gold 3ds card. There are two kernel available for r4 3ds card currently. The wood r4 3ds kernel (latest version is wood r4 V1.29)and r4i kernel.(latest version is r4i v1.51). Users can download any of them to enjoy games. r4idsn team will improve the firmware continuously

hoe zet je gedownloade 3ds spellen op de r4i gold 3ds pro? Computer hoe zet je gedownloade 3ds spellen op de r4i gold 3ds pro? 1 augustus 2015 10:59. anoniem . 1 antwoord Home Forums PC, Console & Handheld Discussions Nintendo 3DS Discussions 3DS - Flashcards & Custom Firmwares [Review] R4i Gold 3DS Plus By Deleted User , Nov 4, 2017 102,910 142 1 R4i Gold Wood Kernel Download (Current Version: V1.64): Click Kernel Mirror: Click R4i Upgrade Patch: Click R4i Skins (Bottom of page): Click Version Info As of writing the R4i Gold will work with the following systems and versions of that system

I couldn't find any R4i Gold skins, so I tried using the ones from www.ndsthemes.com I went to the R4 section and picked a skin and downloaded it to my memory stick. When I started up my r4i gold, the skin didn't work. It was all fuzzy and stuff and there were those pink bars o.0 Anyone know how to put skins into R4i Gold This version is probably R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe v3.0 with version string set to v3.3 (unconfirmed. based on bug reports and software behaviors). Reverted to prevent bricking issue reported with v3.2 If you want to use a version based on Gateway 3DS v2.0b1 to prevent bricking your 3DS, give preference to v3.0 instead of v3.3 as we don't know what has been modified in this version Q:Recently purchased R4i 3DS gold from dwtechz.com .Loaded Wood R4 version 1.46.Nintendo 3DS loaded fine, I saw the menu, but it didn't see a couple of 3DS roms I uploaded. They have .3ds extension, and they are confirmed on the SD card when the card is connected to PC.Am I missing something

The Gold 3ds Plus has the best compatibility with ds games. Better compatibility than Ysmenu. And no timebomb. If you choose a different cart because you can't find the 3Ds Gold Plus, pretty much anything works, just throw RetroGameFans Ysmenu adaptation on it R4I GOLD 3DS Deluxe Edition is reviewed, White r4i gold 3DS starter card works as a 3DS card for 3DS ROMs, black R4i gold 3DS works as a DS card and a booting card. The inner hardware chips are. R4i-Gold 3DS Card. $11.27. New Products. R4 Gold Upgrade 3DS Pro. $12.52. R4i-Gold 3DS Card. $11.27. R4wood.com is a China Based online shop that sells Wood R4 DS, R4i SDHC V1.4.5, R4i Gold 3DS, R4i Gold, EZFlash iV microSD directly to customers. | R4wood.com are. Both the R4i Gold 3DS and R4i Gold 3DS PLUS use the same firmware. level 2. 1 point · 1 year ago. Does this have a timebomb? I've been using a crappy fork of YS Menu that I'm getting tired of R4i Software. Er zijn verschillende flashkaarten die zich de opvolger van de R4 DS kaart noemen. Daardoor is er ook verschillende software voor deze kaarten op het internet verkrijgbaar. De enige officieele opvolger van de R4 DS is de R4i RTS van het M3 Team

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Originele R4i-Gold 3DS kaart voor Nintendo 3DS/3DS LL/3DS

R4i Gold 3DS Plus: $19.99: No <= 11.14. <= 1.4.5: Comes pre-flashed with ntrboot (internal switch to switch between ntrboot and NDS modes); do not manually flash with ntrboot. Acekard 2i: $20.99: No <= 4.3.0 <= 1.4.4 DSTT: $9.99: No: None: None: Only models with certain flash chips are compatible with ntrboot. R4i Gold 3DS: $19.99: No <= 11.14. R4i Gold 3DS was known for Wood R4 kernel supported by YWG, and many flashcard users even take it as best R4 for 3DS and DSi.. Confirmed this r4i gold 3ds plus support flashing b9s cfw on consoles with latest 3ds system 11.13.-45. Due to shortage of IC chip during COVID-19 pandemic, R4i Gold 3DS PLUS are out of stock, please order other r4 card temporarily So If you are looking for R4 ROMS or R4i ROMS, Buy R4 DS and R4i 3DS Cards and microSD flash cards from one of the following official on-line retailers: The Super R4i is another one of R4i clones that is made by the same team as (and practically identical to) the Gold R4i R4i Kaart Kopen? R4i Gold 3DS XL - De Originele R4i Gold 3DS kaart nu ook met RTS. R4iWorld is officieel distribiteur van de originele R4i Gold 3DS met Wood software/firmware ondersteuning. Deze gold flashkaart is geschikt voor alle versies DS/DSi/3DS/XL inclusief 1.4.5(E) en 4.5.0-10(E) R4iWorld is de betrouwbaarste R4i Winkel waar u veilig en makkelijk kunt betalen en ook nog eens de ideale.

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R4 3DS Firmware - R4i 3DS Firmware - 11

R4 R4i SDHC Dual Core RTS Lite Kopen Sale Bestellen Goedkoopste 3DS XL DSi XL.‎Klantenservice - ‎3DS (XL) / 2DS Flashcard (R4i) - ‎R4i SDHC Dual Cor R4i gold 3ds, been updated, comes cross a problem that R4i 3DS won't read the card any more and R4i gold 3ds not recognized by the console. Why? This may be caused very much Likely for the simple reason that you'd upgraded your console's firmware without first upgrading your flash cartridge, thus blocked

R4i Gold 3DS RTS R4 Gold Compatible 3DS DS Games with ntrboot. $17.27. 2. Wood R4 DS Revolution for Nintendo DS / DSL. $0.00. 3. R4I SDHC 3DS RTS Card. $15.24. 4. R4 SDHC Dual Core for 3DS XL LL 3DS 2DS DSi. $10.13. 5. R4i SDHC V1.4.5. $13.26 $11.89 R4wood.com is a China. NTRBOOT Guide with R4i Gold 3DS Plus - Duration: 14:20. sthetix 168,855 views. 14:20. Language: English Location: United States Restricted Mode: Off History Hel Guida R4i Gold 3DS aggiornare firmware console e Kernel della Scheda R4i

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R4i Gold Pro Consisting of an R4i Gold Pro cartridge and a USB MicroSD adapter, this kit is a great companion for new Nintendo 3DS/3DS/2DS/DSi/NDSL console systems. The R4i Gold Pro supports up to 32G MicroSD card and has a high-density onboard chip to ensure reliable performance R4i Gold EU 3DS Advantage R4i Gold EU has very good compatibility with all consoles (new 2DSXL, New3DS, 3DS, legacy) 2DS, DS, DS Lite, DSi.The R4i Gold EU 3DS is a very popular R4 3DS card. A R4i Gold EU 3DS flashcart runs DS games with the latest V1 This R4 Gold pro card is manufactured from www.r4i-gold.me, differing from its outdated R4i-Gold 3DS, R4I-GOLD V1.4.4, it supports revised wood kernel on 3DS XL, 3DS, 2DS, DSi XL, DSi and DS. Note: This R4 Gold does not load 3DS games, please order Sky3ds PLUS solution for 3DS games

R4i Gold 3DS RTS: HW A6 - R4i_Gold_3DS_(HW_A6)-Flashrom.zip: R4i Gold 3DS RTS: HW A7 - R4i_Gold_3DS_(HW_A7)-Flashrom.zip: R4i Ultra. R4i Gold Plus is also pre-flashed with ntrboot loader and there is no need for users to find a hacked 3ds to flash it again. Besides, there is a switch within this card, which can help users choose between ds games mode, and ntrboot mode 3DS V6.2.0-12 firmware upgrade instruction (Please do not update your consoles to N3DS V6.0.0-x for the time being, check your RTS cards whether they can support the firmware update or not firstly. Operating instructions of Ski Sólo € 13,99! Comprar original tarjeta R4i Gold Pro 2019(la famosa marca de R4iSDHC). Soporta la versión del firmware de Nintendo 3DS V11.9.0-42, DSi 1.4.5. Compatible con Nintendo 3DS/3DS LL/3DS XL, New3DS, DSi/DSi LL/DSi XL, 2DS. 100% probado, envío libre, entrega inmediata y 30 días de devolución de dinero Encontre R4i Gold 3ds - Games no MercadoLivre.com.br! Entre e conheça as nossas incriveis ofertas. Descubra a melhor forma de comprar online

Originele R4i Gold Pro 2019 kaart voor Nintendo 3DS/3DS LL

R4i Gold 3DS from www.r4ids.cn Wood R4 Firmware V1.45 R4i Gold Firmware V1.51C Download Moonshell 2.0 for R4i Gold 3DS & R4i Gold Non-3DS English German French Spanish Janpanese Korean Russian R4i Kopen DSi/3DS/3DS XL- R4i Gold 3DS,R4i SDHC 3DS,R4i Dual Core 3DS,R4i RTS Lite 3DS de beste R4i kaarten voor 4.5.0-10E Nintendo 3DS en 3DS XL en DSi / Xl 1.4.5E R4iWorld - Is officieel distribiteur van de originele R4i Gold 3DS,R4i SDHC 3DS, R4i Dual Core / RTS lite 3DS kaart de beste R4i kaart geschikt voor versie 4.5.0-10E van de Nintendo 3DS / 3DS XL Geeez, R4i Gold 3DS may or may not have a ton of things using the same name, but different hardware. Thanks for the info, we'll take a look at some point. Copy link Cuphat commented Aug 13, 2017 • edited. R4i Wood Gold, R4i Gold Wood, or Wood R4i Gold Cards are known as Wood Firmware or Wood Kernel supported by Yellow Wood Goblin for R4i Gold cards made from www.r4ids.cn.These r4i cards (Slot 1) support Nintendo 3DS XL, 3DS, DSi XL, DSi, DS Lite and DS R4i Kaart Kopen? R4i Gold 3DS/RTS XL - De Originele R4i Gold 3DS kaart nu ook met RTS. R4iWorld is officieel distribiteur van de originele R4i Gold 3DS met Wood software/firmware ondersteuning. Deze gold flashkaart is geschikt voor alle versies DS/DSi/3DS/XL inclusief 1.4.5(E) en 4.5.0-10(E) / 5.1.0-11 (E) R4iWorld is de betrouwbaarste R4i Winkel waar u veilig en makkelijk kunt betalen en ook.

R4 for 3DS 2DS; B9S R4 Cards; R4 Install Service; Wood R4 DS; R4 SDHC; R4i SDHC 1.4.5; R4i SDHC 3DS RTS; R4 Gold PRO; R4i Gold 3DS; Memory Cards; R4 Switch; Sky3ds Solution; GBA Cartridge; Additional Recommendatio The Super R4i is another one of R4i clones that is made by the same team as (and it is practically near identical to) the Gold R4i SDHC. Nintendo 3DS R4 Will there be R4 3DS Flash Card and how soon will it be released 2020 R4i gold pro (The Gold) 2017 R4ISDHC GOLD PRO 全面升级了,本次升级,融合了R4, M3 ,DS TOW 团队的技术核心,功能将更加强大,技术更加成熟。 2019-01-16 2017 R4ISDHC GOLD PRO kernel 支持 3DS V11.9.0-42. 2019-01-16 2015 R4ISDHC UPGRADE kernel 支持 3DS V11.9.0-42 R4i rts informatie. De R4i RTS is een de enige officiële R4i flashkaart. Dit betekent dat het de de opvolger van de populaire R4 DS flashkaart is. De R4i RTS wordt geproduceerd door het M3 Team. Dit is een bedrijf dat al jaren flashkaarten voor de Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite en Nintendo DSi maakt Volledig Nederlandtalige (NL) R4i kaart veilig en betrouwbaar betalen met iDeal. Voor het kopen van een R4 SDHC moet u dus bij R4iWorld zijn. R4iWorld - Is officieel distribiteur van de originele R4i Gold 3DS,R4i SDHC 3DS, R4i Dual Core / RTS lite 3DS kaart de beste R4i kaart geschikt voor versie 5.1.0-11E van de Nintendo 3DS / 3DS XL

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R4i-Gold 3DS Upgrade for 3DS DSi DS - old

3DSマジコンの中に、R4i gold proの機能がいいで、安定性が高くて、品質がいいで、それに、使い方でも超簡単ですよ。今日は、初心者に向け、R4i gold proは最新カーネルを導入方法を紹介させていただきます。R4i GOLD PROマジコン登場以来、とても人気がありますよ R4 3DS Gold® R4i Gold 3DS Deluxe Edition. R4i 3DS Gold is one of the newest R4 3DS card products on the market which is fully compatible with Nintendo 3DS and is backwards compatible with the older versions of Nintendo DS and NDSi. This flash card is designed to be used for the newest Nintendo 3DS console R4i Gold 3DS RTS. R4i Gold 3DS RTS card, original 3DS R4i card from www.r4ids.cn, supports all DS games playing on Nintendo NEW 2DS XL LL, NEW 3DS(XL), 3DS XL LL, 3DS, 2DS, DSi XL LL, DSi and DS.. This R4i Gold rts card supports boot9strap CFW modification to your 3DS system, if you want to run 3DS cia, you need to strictly follow unofficial guide https://3ds.hacks.guide/, it is only. The new patch for 3DS V4.5.0-10 & DSi V1.45 is releasing! (for R4i gold 3DS card only)(Jan.06th,2013) Note: This patch is only for the revision (C, A, 9) 3DS cards, we are still working on those old revision cards(and few revision c), will keep it updated on our site soon, thanks for your patienc

R4i 3DS - Grote korting voor Sky3ds Plus, R4s Dongle,R4i

How to Use R4i Gold 3ds Rts Real Time Save: The following guides will help you to enable the real time save function on your r4i gold 3ds rts card, and set the hotkeys. In other words, you will be able to save during the game. For your information, the r4i gold 3ds rts card is currently th also i have 3DS New XL with software version 11.13.-45U is this card good for me or R4i Gold 3DS Plus for New 3DS (Dont understand alot about flashing and cards) Reply:yes, we send to Egypt. yes, it works good on 3ds v11.13 system. nds-card.co

R4i GOLD pro 2020 NEW3DS-NEW2DS-DSi-NDS V11

R4i gold 3ds flashcart update for 3DS 2.0.0-2 As we know that R4ids.cn has released the update news that their R4i gold flashcart is working on the latest 3DS update firmware 2.0.0-2,and today they added another news and the confirmed video,let's take a look! Here is the quote from r4ids.cn official site Note: This patc Some R4i Gold 3DS users may get lost why their consoles get stuck at R4i Gold 3DS Starting when booting up r4i card, or frozen at www.r4ids.cn Starting. What is it? This problem sometimes happen to below R4i 3DS card made from www.r4ids.cn R4i N3DS . R4i Gold 3DS Cards made available by R4iDS factory in China R4i Gold 3DS is another flashcard for 3DS released by r4ids.cn. This is the upgraded version of the R4i Gold V1.4.1. It is also known as R4i 3DS card or Gold R4 3DS. It succeeded in the same level as the R4i Gold V1.4.1 but it makes use of new encryption and core R4i SDHC 1.4.5 supports all current DSi / DSi XL system versions, there is no need to do firmware upgrade for DSi systems. Moreover, R4i SDHC 1.4.5 could be firmware upgrade for 3DS / 3DS XL. After upgrade, this R4i chip is compatible with 3DS/3DS systems 5.1.0-10A and backwards (Source from r4wood)

Kernel Installation & Firmware Upgrade for R4i Gold

Nu R4i Gold Kopen 3DS / 1.4.3E €18 Gratis Verzonden. Kopen in 2DS en 3DS Spelcomputers, Games regio Utrecht: R4 R4i Gold R4i SDHC M3i DSi XL Kaarten DSTwo Acekard2i Ez Flash The R4i SDHC now supports v.1.4.5 firmware from Nintendo and the R4 3DS for 3DS/ XL also supports the latest v11.1.0-34 firmware along with v.1.4.5. We offer the latest 'RTS' version of the R4 3DS from R4i-SDHC.com, these new updated cards support in game saving thanks to their real time save function R4i Kaart Kopen? R4i Gold 3DS/RTS XL - De Originele R4i Gold 3DS kaart nu ook met RTS. R4iWorld is officieel distribiteur van de originele R4i Gold 3DS met Wood software/firmware ondersteuning. Deze gold flashkaart is geschikt voor alle versies DS/DSi/3DS/XL inclusief 1.4.5(E) en 4.5.0-10(E) R4iWorld is de betrouwbaarste R4i Winkel waar u veilig en makkelijk kunt betalen en ook nog eens de. [2014-07-25] Nintendo 3DS firmware V8.1.0-18 released, r4i gold 3DS , DStwo, ACE3DS PLUS, R4i-SDHC 3DS RTS, R4i gold pro , R4i shdc dual core,R4i sdhc sliver card can directly supports the newest 3DS V8.1.0-18, without any patch updating needed ! [2014-07-15]R4i gold 3DS Deluxe Edition Support to play 3ds multrom

R4 cards - Nintendo ds r4 - R4i sdhc Official websit

The supercard dstwo and r4i gold 3ds known as the revolutionary cards in terms of providing the all in one solution for Nintendo 3DS console. The 3ds flash cart designers promise that customers can save more games, plus some say that videos and films may be easily saved and downloaded R4i Gold 3DS RTS supports the newest 3DS V9.3.0-21 directly ! (2014-12-09) Latest firmware WOOD R4 V1.64 Released. (2013-11-08) This item is free shipping worldwide! You can receive the tracking number in 24 hours!usually, it only takes 7-12 working days for the package to arrive at the destination, up to the are you located gbaemu4DS is an emulator for gba games on r4 cards without the need for a ram expansion or slot 2 for gba games so it will work on a dsi or 3ds Buy r4i gold 3DS R4i GOLD 3DS Revolution for Nintendo 3DS / DSi XL / DSi / DS. Download the latest kernel v1.57, perfect support N3DS V5.1.0-11 and DSi1.4.5. R4i Gold 3DS Card — The First R4i Card Supports 3DS, Released on 2011.3.2. R4i Gold 3DS is the upgarde version of R4i Gold V1.4.1

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R4i Gold 3DS - R4i Gold - Nintendo 3DS

R4DS Canada - top R4i 3DS .ca store Next day shipping directly from within Canada - no worries about customs! comments (11) R4 DS Canada + SD Memory Card Package Right place to buy R4i Gold 3DS Plus card. The R4i Gold 3DS Plus card can play unlimited ds games, and it is compatible with a variety of game consoles, such as new2ds xl, New3ds xl, 3ds, ds, ds lite, dsi

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