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  1. Pulmonary hypoplasia occurs most commonly in congenital diaphragmatic hernia, renal dysplasia, rhesus isoimmunisation, and more rarely, in a single lung, asphyxiating thoracic dystrophy, and phrenic nerve agenesis. 82,83 In congenital diaphragmatic hernia, the degree of hypoplasia varies
  2. Rhesus (Rh) isoimmunization is an immunologic disorder that occurs in a pregnant, Rh-negative patient carrying an Rh-positive fetus. The immunologic system in the mother is stimulated to produce antibodies to the Rh antigen, which then cross the placenta and destroy fetal red blood cells
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  4. Abstract. The sensitisation of a rhesus negative mother to rhesus positive blood occurs in 10% of deliveries (affecting 0.5% of their infants), l%-2% of first pregnancies (secondary to previous transfusion, amniocentesis, external cephalic version or bleeding), 3%-4% of spontaneous and 5%-6% of induced abortions
  5. Rhesus (Rh) isoimmunization is an important clinical entity in India and other developing countries, which is responsible for fetal anemia and hydrops fetalis, and if not treated, it can result in intrauterine fetal demise. Rh isoimmunization is responsible for severe jaundice in neonates, which can be severe enough to cause kernicterus with.

Title: Syndroom bij rhesus-iso-immunisatie van de moeder Author: W.P. Plate Subject: Ned Tijdschr Geneeskd 1960;104:1739 Created Date: 6/23/2005 11:04:50 P Rhesus disease is a condition where antibodies in a pregnant woman's blood destroy her baby's blood cells. It's also known as haemolytic disease of the foetus and newborn (HDFN). Rhesus disease doesn't harm the mother, but it can cause the baby to become anaemic and develop jaundice Surveillance. Serial Amniocentesis. Fetuses affected by hemolytic disease secrete abnormally high levels of bilirubin into the amniotic fluid. The amount of bilirubin can be quantitated by spectrophotometrically measuring absorbance at the 450-nm wavelength in a specimen of amniotic fluid that has been shielded from light Back to guidelines homepage. Rhesus D Prophylaxis, The Use of Anti-D Immunoglobulin for (Green-top Guideline No. 22) Published: 27/04/201 Severe rhesus isoimmunisation is much rarer since the prophylactic use of anti-D immunoglobulin was introduced, but such patients are still encountered. The fetal prognosis is still poor, even if intra-uterine transfusion of the fetus or plasmapheresis are employed

Rh isoimmunization 1. Rh-ISOIMMUNIZATION DR.SURENDRA NATH BERA DR. MITALI DASH M K C G MEDICAL COLLEGE , ORISSA 2. ISOIMMUNIZATION: A process by which immune antibodies are produced in a person by the entry of an antigen of another individual of same species, the former lacking the antigen RI - Rhesus isoimmunization (44795003); Rhesus isoimmunization in pregnancy (44795003); Rhesus isoimmunization affecting pregnancy (44795003); Rh incompatibility affecting pregnancy (44795003) Monarch Initiative: MONDO:0006953. Definition. The mother develops antibodies against red blood cell Rhesus antigens Red blood cell alloimmunization in pregnancy If husband is Rh Positive then Management of non sensitized Pregnancy Non sensitized Rh Neg. mothers married - A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide show) on PowerShow.com - id: 41694f-MTEx What is Rhesus isoimmunisation? A blood incompatibility disorder where the mother's blood type is not compatible with the fetus. This more ». Rhesus isoimmunisation: The antibody mediated destruction of red blood cells by those sensitive. Rhesus isoimmunisation: Introduction

81Anti-D: preventing rhesus isoimmunisation Midwives have a key role in preventing rhesus isoimmunisation. This occurs when a rhesus-negative mother develops antibodies, which may subsequently cause destruction of the red blood cells of a rhesus-positive fetus. Timely use of anti-D has been very successful in reducing perinatal death and morbidity associated with isoimmunisation This video discusses the rhesus D antigen on red blood cells. Please note that there are other types of rhesus antigens on red blood cells and this video onl..

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Rhesus Isoimmunisation limgengyan. Rh Rhesus Isoimmunization Chukwuma Onyeije, MD, FACOG. Rh incompatibility gowtham baskaran. Review Of Tomorrow's Doctors meducationdotnet. Partnership for Leadership in Practice meducationdotnet. Antenatal, Neonatal. Abstract. Objective: To provide population based data on the treatment requirements of infants with rhesus isoimmunisation. Setting: Twenty nine hospitals in. Letters to the Editor| Volume , ISSUE , P99, January 19, ALPHA- FETOPROTEIN AND RHESUS ISOIMMUNISATION Objective: To provide population based data on the treatment requirements of infants with rhesus isoimmunisation. Setting: Twenty nine hospitals in South Thames in which 81 119 deliveries occurred between February 1999 and January 2000. Design: Every month, a clinician identified in each of the hospitals sent back a postcard indicating whether or not an infant with RhD had required treatment. RH Isoimmunization ppt - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. lectur

LYMPH NODES -- -- No D Antigen Rhesus Isoimmunisation, Haemolytic Disease of the Newborn, and the role of Anti-D +- ++ Danielle Grange 12003911 RhD- - - - - Proteins SPLEEN BLOOD + + + + D-Antigen Red Blood Cell RhD+ - - - - + - + - DRAINING LYMPHATIC VESSEL

Syndroom bij rhesus-iso-immunisatie van de moeder

  1. What is the abbreviation for Rhesus Isoimmunisation? What does RI stand for? RI abbreviation stands for Rhesus Isoimmunisation
  2. Rh disease (also known as rhesus isoimmunisation, Rh (D) disease, rhesus incompatibility, rhesus disease, RhD hemolytic disease of the newborn, rhesus D hemolytic disease of the newborn or RhD HDN) is a type of hemolytic. Weiterlesen über Rh disease; Feto-maternal rhesus incompatibilit
  3. The Rh factor (ie, Rhesus factor) is a red blood cell surface antigen that was named after the monkeys in which it was first discovered. Rh incompatibility, also known as Rh disease, is a condition that occurs when a woman with Rh-negative blood type is exposed to Rh-positive blood cells, leading to the development of Rh antibodies
  4. Antibody Production Rheumatoid Arthritis Type I Diabetes Time Gooch, A., Parker, J., Wray., J. & Quresh, H. (2007) [Online] Guideline for blood grouping and antibody testing in pregnancy [Accessed 15/04/14] Available from
  5. Rhesus isoimmunisation, Rh (D) disease, Rhesus incompatibility, Rhesus disease, RhD Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn, Rhesus D Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn or RhD HDN) is one of the causes of hemolytic disease of the newborn (HDN). The disease ranges from mild to severe, and typically occurs only in some second or subsequent pregnancies o
  6. Obstetrische risicofactoren Belaste obstetrische voorgeschiedenis, rhesus-iso-immunisatie en bloedgroepantagonisme, herhaald miskraam, cervixinsufficiëntie of cerclage, pre-eclampsie (HELLP), prenatale bloedingen, vroeggeboorte, groeiafwijkingen, keizersnede, grande multipariteit, ernstige perinatale morbiditeit en sterfte, moeilijke bevalling, postpartumpsychose of -depressi
  7. rhesus isoimmunisation disease. The Man Whose Blood Plasma Donations Have Saved Over 2 Million Babies. James Harrison's dedication to give blood throughout the years has resulted in over 1,100 donations. Now known as the Man with the Golden Arm,.

Rhesus-iso-immunisatie of andere belangrijke bloedgroepantistoffen . Vroeggeboorte . Meerlingzwangerschap . Grote multipariteit (pariteit vier of meer) Ernstige perinatale morbiditeit (congenitaal of verworven) Aan de hand van deze definitie van risicofactoren kunnen we een algemene aanbeveling formuleren What is Maternal Alloimmunization? Alloimmunization, often called Rh-isoimmunization or Rh incompatibility was first described in Rh negative women with an Rh-positive fetus, but it can occur with many other blood type incompatibilities PDF | Rh isoimmunization is a potentially preventable condition that occasionally is associated with significant perinatal morbidity or mortality.... | Find, read and cite all the research you.

Rhesus isoimmunisation: Rh incompatibility of mother and fetus during pregnancy Misdiagnosis and Rhesus isoimmunisation: Research more detailed information about misdiagnosis of Rhesus isoimmunisation, underlying causes of Rhesus isoimmunisation (possibly misdiagnosed), or research misdiagnosis of other diseases Treatments for Rhesus isoimmunisation: Various information is available about. Also known as: Rhesus (Rh) Isoimmunization therapy / Rhesus (Rh) Isoimmunization / Rh isoimmunisation / Rh Isoimmunization / Rhesus isoimmunization / (Rhesus isoimmunisation) or (Anti-D antibodies) / Rhesus isoimmunization unspecified (disorder) / Rhesus isoimmunization NOS (disorder) / Rhesus isoimmunisation / Rhesus isoimmunization affecting pregnancy (disorder) / Rhesus isoimmunisation in pregnancy / Rhesus incompatibilit

Animated Mnemonics (Picmonic): https://www.picmonic.com/viphookup/medicosis/ - With Picmonic, get your life back by studying less and remembering more. M.. This guideline has been archived. Please see the British Committee for Standards in Haematology (BCSH) guideline on anti-D administration in pregnancy.. More recent evidence regarding routine ffDNA testing to support targeted anti-D prophylaxis has been published in BJOG

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  1. This is because very tiny amounts of baby's blood may cross the placenta into the mother's bloodstream during birth and stimulate an antibody reaction in the mother. These antibodies may then affect the next pregnancy. Approximately 85 per cent of pregnancy alloimmunisation involves the Rhesus blood group
  2. Hemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn (HDFN) is a condition characterized by the destruction of fetal red blood cells (RBC) and subsequent anemia. It is commonly caused by a Rhesus (Rh) or ABO..
  3. Version 3 April 2013 - Review April 2015 Author(s) Jenny Ford Page 2 of 7 This clinical guideline is a real world example provided by a contributor to the NICE diagnostic guidance adoption support resourc
  4. Reasons for Rhesus isoimmunisation are simply those which expose the Rhesus negative mother to the Rhesus positive blood of the foetus. Delivery is commonest time of exposure. During antenatal period miscarriages, induced abortions, ectopic pregnancies, trauma to the abdomen, invasive investigations like chorionic villous sampling and amniocentesis can result in maternal exposure to foetal blood
  5. Rhesus-iso-immunisatie of andere belangrijke bloedgroepantistoffen Vroeggeboorte • Meerlingzwangerschap • Reeds vier of meer kinderen gebaard • Ernstige perinatale aandoeningen (aangeboren of verworven)
  6. Rh incompatibility is a condition that occurs during pregnancy if a woman has Rh-negative blood and her baby has Rh-positive blood. Learn more about causes, risk factors, screening and prevention, signs and symptoms, complications, diagnoses, treatments, and how to participate in clinical trials
  7. maternal disease, infection, trauma, rhesus isoimmunisation Previous Article THE DIRECTION OF MEDICAL RESEARCH Next Article DIETARY FIBRE, DIABETES, AND HYPERLIPIDÆMI

Two fetuses with severe anaemia due to rhesus incompatibility each received two early blood transfusions (between 23 and 25 weeks) by fetoscopy. The blood was given directly into an umbilical vessel, either at the umbilicus or at the placental cord insertion. Fetal blood samples were taken before an 3 . Personen, die in aanmerking wensen te komen voor een aanstelling als vrijwillig dienende, moeten behalve geschikt zijn volgens de termen van het MKR 1985, bovendien voldoen aan eventuele bijzondere functies-eisen, welke door of vanwege de Minister zijn gesteld Symptoms of Rhesus isoimmunisation. The list of signs and symptoms mentioned in various sources for Rhesus isoimmunisation includes the 5 symptoms listed below: Jaundice of the newborn; Pruritus; Kernicterus; Fetal hydrops; Fetal death in utero more information...» Research symptoms & diagnosis of Rhesus isoimmunisation: Overview -- Rhesus isoimmunisatio 1. Lancet. 1979 Dec 15;2(8155):1284-7. Maternal disease, infection, trauma, rhesus isoimmunisation. MacVicar J, Kerr MM. PMID: 93192 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE

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  1. Tag Archives: rhesus isoimmunisation. Anti-D. ABO blood groups. Most of you will know that we need compatible blood if having a transfusion. We also probably know that there are four main blood groups - A, B, AB and O. Each of these groups has slightly different proteins (called antigens) on the surface of their red blood cells
  2. Rhesus isoimmunisation, affecting management of mother, antepartum condition Known as: Rhesus isoimmunization affecting management of mother, antepartum condition , Rhesus isoimmunization, affecting management of mother, antepartum condition , Rhesus isoimmunization, antepartum condition or complicatio
  3. PLASMAPHERESIS IN RHESUS ISOIMMUNISATION. J.R. Graham Pole. J.R. Graham Pole. Affiliations. University Departments of Obstetrics and Child Health and Department of Haematology, Queen Mother's Hospital and Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Yorkhill, Glasgow G3 8SJ, United Kingdom. Search for articles by this author
  4. Rhesus isoimmunisation Infections (toxoplasma, CMV, rubella, parvovirus, syphillis) Maternal metabolic disorders (such as hypercalcemia) Other rare fetal or maternal conditions (such as Bartter syndrome, Dandy Walker syndrome, maternal lithium use
  5. Evidence-based information on Rh isoimmunisation from hundreds of trustworthy sources for health and social care

Treatment for rhesus disease depends on how severe the condition is. In more severe cases, treatment may need to begin before the baby is born Aim: To describe neonatal outcomes following intrauterine transfusion (IUT) for severe Rhesus isoimmunisation from 1993 to 2004. Results: 116 neonates who had undergone 457 IUTs (median 4, range 1-9) were identified. Three neonates died, all before 1995 (two because of hypoxic ischaemic multiorgan failure and one because of overwhelming Escherichia coli sepsis). 13 neonates (11%) were.

- Rhesus isoimmunisation affecting pregnancy - Rhesus isoimmunization affecting pregnancy - Rh incompatibility affecting pregnancy - Rhesus isoimmunization affecting pregnancy (disorder) Hide descriptions. Concept ID: 44795003 Read Codes: L2610 L261z XE0wn ICD-10 Codes: O360 P550. {{configCtrl2.info.metaDescription} Thyroid hyperplasia was identified at necropsy in 16 of 70 cases of haemolytic disease of the newborn due to rhesus isoimmunisation dying in the years 1959--76. No hyperplasia was found in the thyroids from 140 nonrhesus-affected infants matched for date of birth, bodyweight and length, and gestation, or in cases of haemolytic disease born before 1966

Rhesus isoimmunisation; Infections (toxoplasma, CMV, rubella, parvovirus, syphillis) Maternal metabolic disorders (such as hypercalcemia) Other rare fetal or maternal conditions (such as Bartter syndrome, Dandy Walker syndrome, maternal lithium use The Management of Women with Red Cell Antibodies during Pregnancy Green-top Guideline No. 65 May 201 Read Intensive Plasma Exchange in Rhesus Isoimmunisation, Vox Sanguinis on DeepDyve, the largest online rental service for scholarly research with thousands of academic publications available at your fingertips Everybody has one of 4 blood types (A, B, AB or O). You inherit your blood group from a mix of your parents' genes. These blood types are further identified as being either positive or negative Fetal haematology in rhesus isoimmunisation. Williams J. British Medical Journal (Clinical Research ed.), 25 May 1985, 290(6481): 1590-1590 PMCID: PMC1415714. Free to read . Share this article Share with email Share with twitter Share with linkedin Share with facebook. Abstract . No abstract provided. Free full text . Br.

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The Rhesus isoimmunisation can become more severe with each subsequent pregnancy. Further reading: Newborn screening and newborn exams and Pregnancy pains and discomforts - a complete list There are various effective ways to monitor and treat mothers and babies with Rh incompatibility Maternal serum anti-D antibody concentration and assesment of rhesus isoimmunisation Author NICOLAIDES, K. H 1; RODECK, C. H [1] King's coll. school medicine dentistry, Harris birthright res. cent. fetal medicine, London SE5 8RX, United Kingdo Associated with pregnancy in a grand multipara, there is an increased risk of abortion, malnutrition, anemia, multiple pregnancy, Rhesus isoimmunisation, antepartum haemorrhage and preterm labour.3 Complications like diabetes, hypertension, malpresentations, cephalopelvic disproportions, uterine rupture, postpartum hemorrhage and puerperal complications are also more frequently encountered.4,5. Erhabor, O. and Adias, T.C. (2010) Rhesus isoimmunisation in sub Saharan Africa indicates the need for universal access to anti Rh D immunoglobulin and effective management of D negative pregnancies. International Journal of Women's Health, 2, 429-437

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Rhesus Status . 15% of the population are Rhesus negative; Rh D immunoglobulin is administered to non-sensitised Rh D negative women to prevent the development of Rh D antibodies and in so doing prevent Rh D induced haemolytic disease of the newborn.; Administration. Anti-D only works on D antigens and should be given as soon as possible after the immunising even Belaste obstetrische voorgeschiedenis, rhesus-iso-immunisatie en bloedgroepantagonisme, herhaalde miskramen, cervixinsufficiëntie of cerclage, pre-eclampsie (HELLP), prenatale bloedingen, vroeggeboor- te, groeiafwijkingen, keizersnede, grande multipariteit, ernstige perina tale morbiditeit en sterfte, moeilijke bevalling, postpartumpsychose o Organisms Chromosomes Start Stop.

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Afbraak van rode bloedcellen in resuspositief bloed van een ongeboren kind door antistoffen van de resusnegatieve moeder die zijn ontstaan doordat zij in contact is gekomen met resuspositief bloed, bijvoorbeeld bij een eerdere bevalling, een abortus of een miskraam Start studying Rhesus Isoimmunisation/Sensitisation. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools Click Here to Email Kevin Harrington's PA The Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth Grove End Road, London NW8 9NH Call: 020-7806-4061 Private Rooms 212 Great Portland St, London W1W 5QN Call: 020-7387-002 This is what we call rhesus isoimmunisation. The complications that could occur basically to foetus is similar to heart failure in-utero, while ex-utero if the foetus escapes intrauterine death. They become jaundiced and anaemic and, possibly, organ failure can occur, resulting to neonatal death if proper care is not given; because, even in expert hands, death of the baby can still occur Rhesus isoimmunisation [MedDRA LLT] Rhesus isoimmunization [MedDRA LLT] Rhesus isoimmunization affecting pregnancy (disorder) [SNOMED CT concept] rh isoimmunization [MeSH Descriptor] rhesus isoimmunization affecting pregnancy [SNOMED Notion] DO Cross reference. Rh isoimmunization [DO Concept] Semantic type(s) Disease or Syndrome [UMLS semantic.

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Late anemia is a recognized complication of Rhesus hemolytic disease of the newborn (HDN), regardless of the initial disease severity. Rhesus isoimmunization is becoming less common, with the majority of cases now being managed in specialist centres Rhesus Isoimmunisation. Last updated 05.10.12. Definition. - Development of antibodies to Rhesus antigens (usually D) in a Rhnegative woman. Features. - 15% population Rhesus negative. - Maternal (Rh D negative) exposure to fetal RBC (Rh D positive) leads toformation of maternal IgG against Rh D The University of Queensland's institutional repository, UQ eSpace, aims to create global visibility and accessibility of UQ's scholarly research Fetal haematology in rhesus isoimmunisation. By K H Nicolaides, C H Rodeck, D S Millar and R S Mibashan. Abstract

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- Rhesus isoimmunisation due to anti-E - Rhesus isoimmunization due to anti-E - Rhesus isoimmunization due to anti-E (disorder) Hide descriptions. Concept ID: 307335006 Read Codes: XaB3y ICD-10 Codes: P550 Powered by X-Lab. This tool allows you to search. View and Download PowerPoint Presentations on Rhesus Isoimmunization PPT. Find PowerPoint Presentations and Slides using the power of XPowerPoint.com, find free presentations research about Rhesus Isoimmunization PP Abstract. Rhesus isoimmunisation very rarely causes any upset in the pregnant woman but may have a profound and serious effect on her child. For this reason, the condition is of considerable importance to the obstetrician, especially as its presence is likely to be detected during the time that he is responsible for the patient's care and well-bein EBSCOhost serves thousands of libraries with premium essays, articles and other content including Fetal thyroid hyperplasia, rhesus isoimmunisation, and amniography. Get access to over 12 million other articles Rhesus Isoimmunisation Treatment Doctors may give some medication to control the production of the antibodies caused by rhesus isoimmunisation. Rhesus Isoimmunisation Symptoms and Signs There appears to be no detectable symptoms. However, this is considered a high risk pregnancy for expectant moms

Causes. Expand Section. During pregnancy, red blood cells from the unborn baby can cross into the mother's blood through the placenta. If the mother is Rh-negative, her immune system treats Rh-positive fetal cells as if they were a foreign substance. The mother's body makes antibodies against the fetal blood cells Rhesus-iso-immunisatie of andere belangrijke bloedgroepantistoff en Vroeggeboorte Meerlingzwangerschap Grote multipariteit (pariteit vier of meer) Ernstige perinatale morbiditeit (congenitaal of verworven) Tabel 1: risicofactoren die kunnen leiden tot meer zorg, overgenomen uit KCE rapport 248As, 2015. 28 Download Citation | Successful treatment of neonatal rhesus hemolytic anemia with high doses of recombinant human erythropoietin | The authors report the use of high-dose recombinant.

Fetal haematology in rhesus isoimmunisation K H NICOLAIDES, C H RODECK, D S MILLAR, R S MIBASHAN Abstract Haematological studies were carried out in pure fetal blood samples obtained fetoscopically in 29 rhesus isoimmunised pregnancies at 18-24 weeks' gestation, and the values were compared with those obtained in 62 normal control pregnancies Red cell groups causing iso-immunisation and severe haemolytic disease which may require antenatal fetal transfusion > D - The Rh (D) antigen is the most common cause of severe red cell iso Information about the SNOMED CT code 44795003 representing Rhesus isoimmunization affecting pregnancy Aim To describe neonatal outcomes following intrauterine transfusion (IUT) for severe Rhesus isoimmunisation from 1993 to 2004. Results 116 neonates who had undergone 457 IUTs (median 4, range 1-9) were identified. Three neonates died, all before 1995 (two because of hypoxic ischaemic multiorgan failure and one because of overwhelming Escherichia coli sepsis). 13 neonates (11%) were.

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Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn 122 Copyright © 2004 The Regents of the University of California ‡With severe HDN, high quantities of antibody may block Rh. i·so·im·mu·ni·za·tion. ( ī'sō-im'yū-nī-zā'shŭn) Development of a significant titer of specific antibody as a result of antigenic stimulation with material contained on or in the red blood cells of another individual of the same species. Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing © Farlex 2012 Nicolaides KH, Rodeck CH. Maternal serum anti-D antibody concentration and assessment of rhesus isoimmunisation. BMJ 1992; 304:1155. Markham KB, Moise KJ Jr. Anti-Rh(D) Alloimmunization: Outcomes at a single institution. Am J Obstet Gynecol 2017; 218:S318

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Rhesus Isoimmunisation Policy Hutt Maternity Policies provide guidance for the midwives and medical staff working in Hutt Maternity Services. Please discuss policies relevant to your care with your Lead Maternity Carer. Purpose To outline management of pregnant women with suspected Rhesus isoimmunisation in current pregnancy. Scop The infant had Rhesus isoimmunisation, a one-ina-million condition which threatens life before birth. Juliet rides out to help Blood Bikes Risk factors of neonatal jaundice includes hemolysis secondary to Rhesus isoimmunisation and ABO incompatibility, sepsis, prematurity and enzyme defects (Uridyl diphosphate glucoronyl transferase enzyme deficiency).1 BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL VOLUME 296 26 MARCH 1988 885 Fetal intracardiac transfusions in patients with severe rhesus isoimmunisation MAGNUS WESTGREN, ANDERS SELBING, MAGNUS STANGENBERG Abstract with ultrasound for 15-30 minutes, and thereafter continuous fetal heart rate recording with a cardiotocograph was performed for one to two hours

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Anti-D, given within 72 hours after childbirth, reduces the risk of RhD alloimmunisation in Rhesus negative women who have given birth to a Rhesus positive infant Study Rhesus Isoimmunisation flashcards from Sab Islam's Newcastle University class online, or in Brainscape's iPhone or Android app. Learn faster with spaced repetition Educational portal for students of medicine and other medical and clinical disciplines. Integral part of nationwide interuniversity MEFANET project. Support for e-learning, electronic textbooks, using modern information technology in the education of future physicians and health care workers

Abstract Objective To determine perinatal outcome in pregnancies with early severe red blood cell (RBC) alloimmunization. Methods This was a retrospective analysis of 30 patients requiring their fi.. Rh disease (also known as rhesus isoimmunisation, Rh (D) disease, rhesus incompatibility, rhesus disease, RhD hemolytic disease of the newborn, rhesus D hemolytic disease of the newborn or RhD HDN) is a type of hemolytic disease of the newborn (HDN) Mentioning: 4 - CHORIONIC BIOPSY IN MANAGEMENT OF SEVERE RHESUS ISOIMMUNISATION - H.H.H. Kanhai, J. Bennebroek Gravenhorst, M.B. van 't Veer, C.J. Maas, G.C. Incidence and risk factors: The incidence of Rhesus isoimmunisation has dramatically declined since the implementation of prophyaxis (treatment of Rh-negative mothers with anti-D antibody following birth of an Rh- positive baby, or in association with miscarriages, termination, ectopic pregnancies and other invasive proceedures)

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